I have been ‘waiting’ about my future for 3 years after Form 5. For some reason I do not want to find a new job. In that, I keen to return to school next year. Owing to restricted of ages (Graduated at new form 6, 21 years old or above), I will choose the course in Hong Kong next year. I hope to be happy for the Lord and I work hard for my dream, be an athlete and going to University. In there, it seems that I find out another sport interest that is more suitable for me. Rather than rugby and Football, Perhaps Korfball is suitable the most. Even better, if it is sucess I may find some summer job after the curriculum finished

Recall for my otaku era. Although I am a working hard boy doing housework, I find out my own personalities are similar to Nagi during the housework. Maybe I am opposite of her as well.

Nagi is a 13 years old girl who likes anime, games and comic. She hates going to school so that she usually stays at home for playing computer games. Perhaps she is an archetypal otaku character in the anime world. But she has different friends such as Wataru and Isumi. Some friends at school like Hinagiku sometime visit her too even though she is rule and unsocial girl. How about me? I am not good at social too. But I could not connect with any friends at the same class. In fact, at school is the only one of difference between Nagi and I .Why can Nagi make more friends and I cannot? As if she may not be on a verge of hikikomori and I may be.

I am worse than Nagi .I hope to be a Nagi in the Earth land at first. About the social, I have some brothers at church. I seldom connect with them actively so I should learn how to talk with them. I am at the touch rugby course too so that I can learn how to make some friends and telling them about the gospel of God. We are the Christ of comrades!

*Edolas: The places that the people’s personalities are opposite. For example, Hinakigu in Earth land is an Acrophobias girl (except at once, helping Ayumu at the Golden week era.) and In Edolas she is not (She may like.somewhere is High I think. The word comes from a world of Fairy Tai called Edolas.

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