Hey, everyone! The name's Vincetick, but you can just call me either Vincent or Vince, depending on what you choose to call me. Anywho, I know I'm new here, been here for like several days now, and though I may look like I don't have much knowledge of the series (just the Manga, not the Anime), I can still help out here.

Anyway, I'd just like to ask that, can I possibly add the Audio Files of the Songs on the Music Articles? You know, just to give the other fans of the series the sensation of the songs used in the Anime and bring 'em over here so they could listen to it without having any problem(s) on trying to find it on the internet.

So, if you guys would kindly allow me, I'd be honored to add the audio files to each song on this wiki's Music article(s).

Well, happy April Fool's Day everyone!

- Vince! :D

(Sorry, I have a habit of leaving my signature on every wiki that I'm in... if you find it a bit suspicious or annoying, please inform me immediately as I do not want to anger or annoy anyone here.)

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