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Japanese Name ヤクザ
Romaji Name Yakuza
Other Name(s) the nice men (anime S1)
the very kind people (anime S1)
very generous people (anime S1)
Members Kashiwagi (Scar-Eyed Yakuza)
Bald Sensitive Yakuza
Straight Haired Yakuza
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga One-shot
Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1 (S1)

Yakuza (ヤクザ Yakuza?) is the organization, Shun Ayasaki & Mrs. Ayasaki sold their son, Hayate to after they ran up a debt of a 156,804,000 yen.


On Christmas eve, after having bought Hayate's organs from his parents for a sum of 156,804,000 yen the Yakuza arrive at the Ayasaki household to collect their new "purchase" only to learn that Hayate had escaped through a window after they had kicked in the door to gain entry to the apartment. Afterwards, the Yakuza take everything in the apartment then threaten the landlady to gain the Ayasaki family's security deposit from her. The following day, the three Yakuza members find Hayate standing outside the front gates of the Sanzenin Mansion and take him to an undisclosed warehouse where they tell him they plan to extract the organs they own then sell him to a foreign country. Upon learning this, Hayate makes a final attempt to escape, but is quickly foiled by the Yakuza's dog. With no other options left, Hayate cries out for help, which is immediately answered by Nagi (under the alias "Mask the Money") who saves Hayate by paying off his debt to the Yakuza.

Days later, the three Yakuza members find Hayate as he was trying to find a way to replace the cashmere coat he had ruined earlier. Seeing that he was anxious around them, Kashiwagi tells Hayate what they do is just business and that they don't really dislike him. Kashiwagi then offers to treat him to something before they are ambushed by the Saginomiya Butlers. Upon seeing the butlers, the three Yakuza members mistake them for Mafia and quickly pull out their swords and defend Hayate until they notice him trying to escape from the confrontation. Disgusted with his action, the three Yakuza members join the Saginomiya Butlers and attack Hayate turning the situation into a massive free for all.

The following month, the three Yakuza members are shown kicking the front door of the home of a women who owed them 500,000 yen. After having taken her money, the women begs for them not to take it as she was going to use it to pay the doctor fees for her daughter's illness. Unfazed by the woman's pleas, the Yakuza begin to walk away before they overhear Hayate who offers to loan her the 500,000 yen. Kashiwagi then criticizes Hayate for taking on the debts of others, which Hayate tells him that his mistress would be disappointed if he didn't do anything. Having realized that he was referring to the "kid" who saved him earlier, the Yakuza berate Hayate by assuming that he was a pedophile.

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